Luxury online boutique for style savvy consumer.

KOKKO is a luxury retail boutique curating exclusive fashion, art and lifestyle pieces. With the company's growing demand for online shopping experience, I was brought on board to help launch the company's first digital storefront.

The website showcases a broad range of brands for both men and women, ranging from ready-to-wear, high-street-wear, to exclusive high-fashion. The goal is to create a platform that will encompass all the brands while keeping Kokko's own unique identity intact. Kokko's wide variety of product offerings presented a great challege.

My approach was to simplify the concept and focus on the key elements that KOKKO's consumer value the most: Products, Usability and Accessibility. The concept utilizes enticing fashion images and clean typography to convey elegance and luxury. The interface is kept bare and simple with familiar navigation patterns.

The result is an intuitive website that reflects the company's essence: minimal, inviting and fully shopable on every screen, across several currencies and languages. KOKKO successfully expanded its business through its new digital storefront.

Art direction & design, User interface design, Web development